Design and contract
DeVries & Onderlinde quality starts here. Securing property for your home and finalizing the house plan are part of this stage. When those steps are complete we present a building contract that both client and builder sign, agreeing to specifics on price and procedure. Following this, in some cases, is arranging financing for the project. We work with your lending institution supplying all documents they request for your construction loan.

Applying for the building permit and staking out where the house will be built is followed by footings and poured walls. Product selection process begins at this stage.

Framing, roof, windows
Framing is the bones of the house seldom seen again once the house is complete. It matters to us that it is built right so it will last, even if you never see it. The house shell begins to appear and is closed in. Rooms are framed and that plan on paper begins to come to life. Siding and shingles may be applied now but in some cases are completed later.

We subcontract with reputable tradesmen to furnish plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, audio visual, and alarm/fire systems. All of this interior venting, wiring, and piping must be complete before the next phase. Most of our key subs have been with us from the start. They think like we do and their finished product shows it.

Insulation, wall finish, cabinets, wood flooring, trim
After insulation, walls are plastered or drywalled. If there are wood floors, they would be laid before cabinets are installed. Moldings and trim go up. This is one of our specialties, detailed trim work. We know how to use it to distinguish your home from others on the block.

Tile, fixtures, carpet, paint
Selections of many of these items were made early on in the process. Installation of final fixtures (plumbing and electrical) often completes a process begun months ago. Finally tile, paint and then carpet are complete. This is when the home starts to come alive. A final walk through with the builder, an occupancy permit, and you’re ready to move in.

Why build a custom home?
Your custom home matches you. It’s designed around your lifestyle. You dictate the trim detail, the personal touches, all the fixtures and finishes. Rest assured that no one else will ever have one exactly like it.

Why choose DeVries & Onderlinde instead of any other builder?
Our favorite question. We build your home as if we were building our own. You are assured of quality from the inside out with every attention to detail. Our history shows satisfied customers who return time and again for additional projects. Come and experience it for yourself.

Why do I select items so far in advance?
Layers, layers, and more layers. For example, the shower faucet that you touch is on top of tile, on top of cement board, on top of framing with includes the plumbing fixture (really the unseen half of your faucet), surrounded by insulation, connected to piping that needs to be completed just after framing. The timing of your decisions needs to fit with the sequence of construction layers.

Why am I given allowances for some items and not others?
No allowance is given when a process will be completed for a set dollar amount in a quality, standard way (like interior piping of plumbing). Allowance amounts are used when the options available vary greatly in price according to choices you make (like plumbing fixtures).

An allowance amount allows for the process to be completed in the quality standard fashion (an acrylic shower stall), but should you choose a more costly option (a tile shower) in its place, you pay the additional cost. This is often handled with a Change Order.

What is a Change Order?
There is a saying “change is inevitable” which often applies in the construction process. A Change Order is a sort of addendum to your building contract. This document is produced when you choose to add options not in the original contract or choose a product above your allowance amount. You receive a copy of and sign a Change Order authorizing the change and accepting responsibility for the additional cost. Lending institutions will often allow these to be added to your construction loan.

Why do your options cost more than at the big box stores?
The big box stores don’t sell things cheaper to lose money. They contract huge quantities of items to be manufactured more economically. There’s nothing wrong with that. On homes of our quality however, we would rather buy from suppliers we have established relationships with and can trust the quality of their products.

From our point of view, when you’re choosing hardware for a quality door built to last 50 years, would you install a door knob rated to last only 15? But as always, the final decision rests with the customer.

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